Forced break

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of the snow and cold weather. Not only has it played havoc with the trains (have a read of Darryl’s excellent piece on 853 about SE Trains) it’s managed to do something that even Adolf Hitler failed to do and virtually wipe out sport. OK so nine clubs managed to get games on this weekend in the English leagues, but the majority of us had to endure a free weekend.

So what did you get up to. I imagine many of you went out sledging and building snowmen. Yesterday when I should have been at the Valley I found myself at that cathedral of capitalism, Lakeside. OK it was a necessary trip to buy some thermal socks at Marks and Spencer. You have to ask, though, who in their right mind visits these places on a Saturday when they could be at their local stadium?

As usual, the place was full of Wet Spammers with a smattering of Spudz and the occasional Woolwich Reject. You could tell by their faces that they were there under protest. Out of their natural habitat and forced to follow their “better” halves around. It’s that bad I’m tinkering with the idea of going to Wycombe on Saturday, just to get my fill of football. Given my recent record at away games, namely Northwich, I think I should be persuaded not to.

I should add that it wasn’t my wife’s suggestion to go to Lakeside!


Somewhat recently I seem to have become obsessed with Tweeting. In fact, just today, I’ve hit the 1000 tweet mark. It’s far simpler than Facebook, easily updated and an simple way of communicating.

Take matchdays – if you can’t go to the game and want faster updates than BBC London or Sky currently provide simply type in “#CAFC” into the Twitter search button and you will find all manner of updates from within the ground. OK you’ll need to sign up to do this.

As “Social Networks” go, it’s easy to use and has none of the bells and whistles that come with other sites such as Facebook, Myspace etc.

The benefit of such a network helps when there is travel chaos, which Southeastern Trains have been actively encouraging for the past couple of days. I needed to know if it was worth digging the car out of the snow this morning to get to the station. Various Tweets showed that it would be foolish to attempt.

The club instantly communicated with the 950 or so followers this morning about the match on Saturday being cancelled. 15 or so years ago we’d be relying on Clubcall to do something similar. It proves how much communication has improved between club and fans thanks to all this new technology available.

The downside is that you get some strange people following you, Twitterbots scour the postings and pick up on key words. You then find them following you. It’s easy to block anyone you don’t want seeing your posts. Even if they are fit…..

I’m BigDL, the club has the tag CAFCOfficial and there’s a wealth of other good people to follow. Not just Stephen Fry!

So what are you waiting for, you’re on the net, dive in.


Caught this as the Javelin emerged from the Tunnel outside St. Pancras this morning. OK, the quality is pretty poor, that’s what you get from Camera Phones.

One of those times you wished you had a “proper” camera to hand.

The weather looks as though it’s going to do it’s best to prevent play on Saturday. Hopefully it’ll still be on as we like playing Millwall in the Snow!

Cabbage Patch

OK, didn’t make the trip up to the Northwest today, after last time I thought it wise to stay well away! Instead had a “fun” time round at my youngest’s school erecting Santa’s grotto and getting the festive music ready for the Christmas Fayre tomorrow.

Earlier in the week, doubt had been cast as to whether or not the match would go ahead today. Stockport “share” the ground with rugger buggers Sale Sharks. As most of us will agree Football and Rugby are not ideal bed mates. The beautiful game should be played on a snooker table surface, whilst rugger buggers can play on a cabbage patch.

So the pitch was passed as playable and most of us would admit we feared our chances playing on such a surface, memories of Stamford Beach still being fresh in the memory. Thankfully we needn’t have worried as the Addicks came away with all the points, despite Rob Elliott scoring in his own goal in the last few minutes.

With the first of those crucial periods just around the corner, the lads have played themselves into a strong position. Two points behind Leeds and six clear of the chasing pack. The visit of our near neighbours should prove a good test for the squad and the fans. It’ll be an interesting day at the Valley next Saturday.

Free pens as well

Here at the Arsenal Goonerdome, which is built on the site of the old municipal tip, they give away branded pens that make no mention of the original franchise football team.

Have to say the coffee is good, but the biscuits at the Valley are far classier and tastier!

Goodbye Morgan

Normally this blog and my general musings are about a certain football team and the lack of a decent radio station to cover said football team. Well not this post.

Sadly I have to report that Morgan Computers are no more. Sold, gone, closed up. It may mean absolutely nothing to you, but you have been touched by them. I kid you not. More of that in a minute.

This was a company that specialised in surplus stock, last years model at bargain prices. Whatever you wanted, they would have something for you.

My very first PC, an old 286 with 128mb of Ram and a 40 MB HDD, came from Morgan some 20 years ago. In fact I bought most of my PC’s from them. Including the one at the Valley that we use to play the music from.

No trip to Tottenham Court Road was complete without the quick nip round the corner to New Oxford Street and Morgan.

Who knows why they sold up. Some are suggesting that it could be down to Ebay. The Website was sold on to another firm and yes it looks the same but it’s not the company that I grew up with and the stuff they are selling, well it’s not really what I want, it doesn’t seem to be that bargain. Funnily enough the testimonials section of the “new” website still refer to the stores.

No more Morgan Flyers randomly arriving through the letterbox, scouring through looking for that magical discount deal. No more will the wife “comment” what are you buying now? If only she knew!

I’m going to miss them.

Grey skies!

Well the blog is certainly going to live up to it’s name today as all the predictions point towards a deluge from the skies.

Hopefully a win against MK Dons today will see spirits rise and lift the general cloud of doom that’s been hanging over our heads for the past two weeks following the defeat by Carlisle.

Our opponents today bring out many mixed emotions for Charlton fans. The move from South London to Buckinghamshire still divides opinion. Some will never forgive, some are prepared to accept and hand out an olive branch. I don’t think it will ever be sorted until AFC gain a place in the league. That, in my opinion, will happen very soon.

So prediction today, well with Mini Sodje signing for us today and Richardson back in defence I have a feeling we will win. It’ll be close but I’m going for a victory by a single goal.

Right anyone got any waterproof they can lend me, possibly a Laminator too?

Full Time and home

Too depressed, will put something up in the cold light of the morning.

Anyway, for all Charlton lifers, here’s a grainy photo of Large and Golfie. They passed us in the car on the way home and didn’t look happy! Don’t blame them.


Half Time

So lucky to be level here. Two clear cut chances to score, Victoria will be kicking themselves that they are not in the lead.

Charlton look disorganised and have no punch up front.

Things can only get better?