World Cup Songs #3 and #4

Too depressed last night and got in late from work on Friday, so as promised a real stinker and something that is so bad it’s brilliant!

First, it’s so bad it is utterly brilliant. A reworking of the 1980 classic (sic) D-I-S-C-O. Trust me, it’s catchy.

So that was quirky, now for something not so quirky. Sorry this is a bit of a stinker.

World Cup Songs #2

So this was from 2006 – Matt, bass player from Paradise on Purple, was a regular visitor to the Millennium FM studio’s on a Saturday morning plugging the band. Although by the time they had written this we’d been long gone from Millennium (I Jumped before I was pushed!)

It’s not a bad song, not a football chant by any means, but better than 95% of the other dross out there.

No idea what the band are up to these days their website doesn’t really tell you much!

Tomorrow – Proof that there really are some stinkers out there!

World Cup Songs #1

First in a series of several’ish videos that I’ve dug up on the web.

When it’s world cup time it’s amazing how many people crawl out of the woodwork with songs supporting England’s bid to go all the way and win that damn trophy.

Some are good, some are bad and some are, well, truly awful.

This is a good attempt – Young Stanley. Good song, but not upbeat enough in my opinion to be a terrace anthem like Three Lions.