Cabbage Patch

OK, didn’t make the trip up to the Northwest today, after last time I thought it wise to stay well away! Instead had a “fun” time round at my youngest’s school erecting Santa’s grotto and getting the festive music ready for the Christmas Fayre tomorrow.

Earlier in the week, doubt had been cast as to whether or not the match would go ahead today. Stockport “share” the ground with rugger buggers Sale Sharks. As most of us will agree Football and Rugby are not ideal bed mates. The beautiful game should be played on a snooker table surface, whilst rugger buggers can play on a cabbage patch.

So the pitch was passed as playable and most of us would admit we feared our chances playing on such a surface, memories of Stamford Beach still being fresh in the memory. Thankfully we needn’t have worried as the Addicks came away with all the points, despite Rob Elliott scoring in his own goal in the last few minutes.

With the first of those crucial periods just around the corner, the lads have played themselves into a strong position. Two points behind Leeds and six clear of the chasing pack. The visit of our near neighbours should prove a good test for the squad and the fans. It’ll be an interesting day at the Valley next Saturday.

Grey skies!

Well the blog is certainly going to live up to it’s name today as all the predictions point towards a deluge from the skies.

Hopefully a win against MK Dons today will see spirits rise and lift the general cloud of doom that’s been hanging over our heads for the past two weeks following the defeat by Carlisle.

Our opponents today bring out many mixed emotions for Charlton fans. The move from South London to Buckinghamshire still divides opinion. Some will never forgive, some are prepared to accept and hand out an olive branch. I don’t think it will ever be sorted until AFC gain a place in the league. That, in my opinion, will happen very soon.

So prediction today, well with Mini Sodje signing for us today and Richardson back in defence I have a feeling we will win. It’ll be close but I’m going for a victory by a single goal.

Right anyone got any waterproof they can lend me, possibly a Laminator too?

Full Time and home

Too depressed, will put something up in the cold light of the morning.

Anyway, for all Charlton lifers, here’s a grainy photo of Large and Golfie. They passed us in the car on the way home and didn’t look happy! Don’t blame them.


Half Time

So lucky to be level here. Two clear cut chances to score, Victoria will be kicking themselves that they are not in the lead.

Charlton look disorganised and have no punch up front.

Things can only get better?

Inside out

Lovely pitch it has to be said, flat as a billiard table. Outside behind the goal and it’s a very basic terrace, just a step!

No news on the teams yet. very tinny tannoy with an interesting selection of music.

3Blokes reckons the pitch will help us as it’s so good.

Wave if you see us on the TV!


We’re here

We’ve arrived and so have the team. Few Charlton here already, clubhouse packed so will try and get a beer.

Been made welcome already. Let’s hope we’re smiling at 3.30.


Watford Gap

130 miles to go, enjoying a coffee. Traffic is clear at the moment. No sign of the coaches.

Keep on passing a Result Scenic with a Charlton badge in the back, how does he keep getting in front of me. Johnny Mc (3Blokes to you Lifers) will try and take a picture of them.

Right back to the coffee!


Evening All

Thought it was about time I updated my blog.

Gone for WordPress rather than Blogger and a subtle change of name.

Will be updating the site as soon as I work out how the bloody hell I add things, i.e. music, video’s etc.

So, a lot’s happened in the last year, since my last post on the old blog. We’ve had Zabeel, relegation, death of a radio station. I’ve discovered Twitter and tweet far too much for my own good (@bigdl if you’re interested). Given up on the old Cattlewagons and speed up to town on the Javelin. So here’s hoping that it’s not a year before I update again!

I’ve gone over to the dark side and discovered Apple. Swore that I would never buy an Ipod, but got hooked by the Touch. It is a thing of wonder and keeps my journeys pretty sane. Managed to get hold of an old Powermac G4 and have fun in trying to work out how to use OS X. It is better than Vista, but that’s not hard.

Musically I’ve fallen back in love with Marillion. For some reason I just couldn’t get into the last album of theirs that I bought way back in the 90’s. Don’t know why but I rippd it into the Ipod and have never looked back since.

My kids have got older and wiser, wiser in the fact that Dad has money, not a lot it must be said, and money buys things and they like that.

We’re (Mrs. Big Dave  and myself) having the fun of changing schools at the moment, making the choice for our son. One that will dictate his future. It has to be said that there isn’t much choice in this part of the world if you fail your 11+. So it was a good job that Big Dl Jnr passed with flying colours, well done Son We’re both very proud of you.

Pity the poor kids who have to go to the other schools. Nice new buildings maybe. But that doesn’t make up for decent education. Blimey I’m almost going political, that’ll never do.

So there you go, a brief summary of what I’ve been up to in the last year. Really really exciting, yes I know!

Who knows what the next 12 months will bring? One thing we all hope is that it brings Promotion in May (or Earlier, we’d like that!)