Microsoft – An Update!!!!!!

Had a tweet from those ever so nice people at Microsoft:

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 20.25.06

Nice try Dave!!

Well done to Bill Gates Steve Ballmer’s Empire for getting back to me, they didn’t have to.

If you actually want to see me reviewing some IT stuff, Gadget Geeks is being repeated on Challenge TV (Yes I can’t work that out either) on Monday nights at 10pm. Can’t remember what episode we were on (5 or 6 I think) so I’m sure you’ll be hearing about it.

This time it’s on Freeview, there is no escape!


Microsoft – Yes you can help improve my experience

Last night i posted a comment on Twitter about having the opportunity to buy an Apple product at 0% interest. Only problem is that I’m pretty broke and dont have the spare cash to afford such a luxury at this moment in time.

I got the usual joshing off the usual suspects and I happened to mention in one of my replies that I wasn’t really impressed by Windows 8. Now I must explain that I haven’t fully explored a new PC using Microsofts one-size-fits-all operating system, but on the times I’ve played with it whilst passing the time of day in PC World (as you do) I havent been that impressed.

I’ve been a windows user since the very first version of that platform came about way back when an Ipad was something that a hospital dished out to stupid kids who poked their eyes with pencils. My two, yes two (i’m not showing off honest) laptops have vista and Windows 7 installed. I’ve stuck with vista on the family laptop as I couldn’t be bothered to update it and probably because it would cause that PC to blow up. I have Win 7 installed on my smaller, slightly bigger than a netbook PC and, overall, the “experience” isn’t bad. Apart from the fact that the laptop is as underpowered as a Ferrari with a Fiat 993cc engine.

I’ve recently crossed over to Apple and find OSX easier to use, no regular multi updates interrupting you, doesn’t take a year or so to boot up and its’s fairly intuitive (Where have I used that term before?) Therefore my aim is to, when I can afford it, replace my existing Mac and my Win 7 laptop with a Macbook. I use my Mac to do all my photographic processing and it’s been an easy experience if I’m honest. You can see the results on my Flickr feed

Back to my tweet last night, imagine my surprise when MicrosoftUK tweeted me earlier today and asked me how they could improve my experience? Cheekily I tweeted back and said they could send me a top spec, high end Windows 8 laptop for me to test and see how I get on with using their all singing, all dancing, flat, metro (though we cant call it metro) styled Windows 8 operating system.

Surprisingly, they never got back to me. I have to ask why tweet someone, out of the blue, and offer to help when, in reality, you have no intention of actually helping that person?

So Microsoft, if you really want to help improve my experience, and want to help me and stop me turning to the dark side forever then how about it?

What have you got to lose?

It’s not as if I haven’t had past experience of testing stuff is it? 😉