Back home

Somehow the gloomy weather over London hasn’t bothered me today. I’ve walked with a spring in my step and had a big smile on my face. It could have snowed, Southeastern Trains could have had another crisis, I wouldn’t have cared. Chris has come back home.

Suddenly the clouds have lifted over the Valley and for the first time in probably five years we have a reason to feel optimistic. Charlton fans have a reason to smile again. One of our heroes has returned.

I hope that fans are patient though. Not expecting miracles and the team to go and thrash the opposition by six or seven goals. Certainly not expecting champagne football week in week out.

We know the squad we have is capable of great things in this league, look at the aways games against Peterborough and Swindon. However we’ve yet to see that form at home.

Sitting and reflecting on todays events it’s kind of like how I felt after we beat Ipswich in the play-offs all those years ago. Excited, proud but that feeling of a little knot in the stomach, we’re almost there.

Patience is the key.


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