Happy Sir Clive Mendonca Day

Today is the second greatest day in Addicks history (sorry returning home on the 5th December 1992 was the number one). Sir Clive got a hat-trick, the very Reverend Richard Rufus scored his first goal for the club. Oh and the small matter of promotion to the Premiership for the very first time.

The greatest game ever at Wembley, the emotions of a rollercoaster ride like no other. Tears, songs, cheers and about 37000 lost voices across the southern part of England. For some strange reason I was let loose with a microphone and wandered onto the Wembley pitch to proclaim that it was our year, our destiny to win. Cue 38000 Mackems booing and questioning my parentage. One of those surreal, you had to be there moments. As Charlie Connelly said this afternoon in a tweet, the Big Loon was on the pitch. Pity this is the only photo I’ve ever seen. Never mind I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

So as a treat, head on over to the Valley Sounds page and there you will find four separate MP3 files from the fantastic commentary provided by Mark Mansfield and Colin Powell on Millennium 106.8fm.

Enjoy them and make sure you have some tissues handy to wipe away those tears. I guarantee you WILL well up!

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