Now I can blog from my recently acquired Android phone!

Not that I’ve much to say mind you.

When things go wrong….

….they really go wrong.

At about 1.00pm this afternoon this could have been me in the picture above picking up the Valley Music Playout Computer and smashing it. Only I’m not as slim as that and it’s a tower not a laptop. I suspect you get the point though.

When technology fails, it usually does so in a spectacular way. Well today the old PC decided to reboot itself every five minutes without being asked. So very quickly we managed to find an alternative system from the bowels of the Valley, load up the music, software and away we went! Unfortunately we didn’t have back ups of all the music. So James that’s why Guru Josh didn’t make an appearance this afternoon.

Jon Lucas continues to multi task and play the music and DVD’s you see on the screen. Tom Perfect operates the software we use for the screen and I sit down between the dugouts watching the match and keeping my eye on the fourth official.

Huge game on Tuesday night now. The Seagulls will be confident after their draw today at Leeds, hopefully our lads will have given themselves a boost after our victory this afternoon. With Norwich having a wobble and Leeds having a crisis of confidence we need to start taking advantage and turn the Valley back into that fortress it once was. The Crowd were fantastic today, backing the team and making lots of noise. Much more of the same from 7.45pm Tuesday please!