Somewhat recently I seem to have become obsessed with Tweeting. In fact, just today, I’ve hit the 1000 tweet mark. It’s far simpler than Facebook, easily updated and an simple way of communicating.

Take matchdays – if you can’t go to the game and want faster updates than BBC London or Sky currently provide simply type in “#CAFC” into the Twitter search button and you will find all manner of updates from within the ground. OK you’ll need to sign up to do this.

As “Social Networks” go, it’s easy to use and has none of the bells and whistles that come with other sites such as Facebook, Myspace etc.

The benefit of such a network helps when there is travel chaos, which Southeastern Trains have been actively encouraging for the past couple of days. I needed to know if it was worth digging the car out of the snow this morning to get to the station. Various Tweets showed that it would be foolish to attempt.

The club instantly communicated with the 950 or so followers this morning about the match on Saturday being cancelled. 15 or so years ago we’d be relying on Clubcall to do something similar. It proves how much communication has improved between club and fans thanks to all this new technology available.

The downside is that you get some strange people following you, Twitterbots scour the postings and pick up on key words. You then find them following you. It’s easy to block anyone you don’t want seeing your posts. Even if they are fit…..

I’m BigDL, the club has the tag CAFCOfficial and there’s a wealth of other good people to follow. Not just Stephen Fry!

So what are you waiting for, you’re on the net, dive in.

3 comments on “Twitterholic

  1. I have pretty much given up on my Facebook page. Anyone I want to keep in touch with I do anyway and it scares me that people lay out their whole lifes, photos and everything for people to see.

    Twitter however I love. Not just to communicate with like minded people but now I find out most of my headlines, interesting news, cultural, sporty articles as well and the delights of @MrsStephenFry

  2. I find the Twitter service very useful. However, I am also an extensive user of Facebook. As far as I am concerned I don’t have anything much to hide, or if there was anything that I did, I wouldn’t put it on Facebook. But there are plenty of English people around who place a high value on privacy.

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