Goodbye Morgan

Normally this blog and my general musings are about a certain football team and the lack of a decent radio station to cover said football team. Well not this post.

Sadly I have to report that Morgan Computers are no more. Sold, gone, closed up. It may mean absolutely nothing to you, but you have been touched by them. I kid you not. More of that in a minute.

This was a company that specialised in surplus stock, last years model at bargain prices. Whatever you wanted, they would have something for you.

My very first PC, an old 286 with 128mb of Ram and a 40 MB HDD, came from Morgan some 20 years ago. In fact I bought most of my PC’s from them. Including the one at the Valley that we use to play the music from.

No trip to Tottenham Court Road was complete without the quick nip round the corner to New Oxford Street and Morgan.

Who knows why they sold up. Some are suggesting that it could be down to Ebay. The Website was sold on to another firm and yes it looks the same but it’s not the company that I grew up with and the stuff they are selling, well it’s not really what I want, it doesn’t seem to be that bargain. Funnily enough the testimonials section of the “new” website still refer to the stores.

No more Morgan Flyers randomly arriving through the letterbox, scouring through looking for that magical discount deal. No more will the wife “comment” what are you buying now? If only she knew!

I’m going to miss them.

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